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In a belated acknowledgment of the severity of Japan’s nuclear disaster, the Tokyo Electric Power Company said Tuesday that three of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant’s reactors most likely suffered fuel meltdowns in the early days of the crisis.

The plant’s operator also said that it was possible that the pressure vessels in the three stricken reactors, which house the uranium fuel rods, had been breached as well. But most of the fuel remained inside the vessels, the company said — far from a more severe nuclear meltdown in which molten fuel penetrates the ground, a calamity known as the “China Syndrome.”
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Operator PLTN Fukushima Daiichi yang mengalami kerusakan hebat akibat gempa dan tsunami 11 Maret 2011 lalu dan mengakibatkan kebocoran  radiasi yang hingga kini belum terkendali, baru-baru ini mengungkapkan fakta yang mengejutkan. Tokyo Electric Power Co menyatakan  inti-inti reaktor yang ada didalam kompleks PLTN Fukushima Daiichi mengalami kerusakan yang jauh lebih serius dari perkiraan semula, ini menjadikan upaya pemulihan fasilitas PLTN Fukushima mengalami kemunduran.
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