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Awal 2012 seluruh warga Ibukota DKI Jakarta dipastikan mengantongi Kartu Tanda Penduduk elektronik (e-KTP). Layanan pembuatan kartu identitas ini akan mulai dibuka di setiap kelurahan 1 Agustus 2011.

Menurut Kepala Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil DKI Jakarta, Purba Hutapea, proses pembuatan e-KTP ini diprediksi memakan waktu sekitar tiga hingga empat bulan.

Sedangkan pendataan perorangan sampai terbitnya e-KTP bisa memakan waktu satu hingga dua minggu. “Dalam waktu empat bulan itu, kami menargetkan 7,3 juta warga wajib KTP di DKI telah mengurus e-KTP,” kata Purba, Senin malam, 27 Juni 2011. Continue Reading »


The Moscow city government has signaled its preliminary approval for a five year city informatization program on Tuesday. The draft proposal of the program concludes that the whole initiative would cost 329.5 billion rubles, about $11 billion, and would be rolled out from 2012-2016. Following a series of public hearings the program could be formally adopted by municipal authorities by the end of July.

The program, which has been nicknamed ‘Information city,’ consists of four major spheres of modernization and development: electronic services for citizens and businesses; development of smart municipal management systems; upgrades for the city’s telecommunications infrastructure and development of the city’s media and advertising sector. Continue Reading »

In another development to e-governance in Mining sector, steps have been initiated to develop its software to a kind of Enterprise Resource Planning in this sector in to which all the different segments, licensees and lessees will be integrated. Steps are also on to integrate the system with treasury and railway portal. Within a short span of time the mining resources and present mining status of the state will be at finger tips.

The Chief Secretary Bijaya Kumar Patnaik while reviewing operation of e-governance in mining dept in the secretariat conference hall today has directed the mining dept to include mining map and resources of the state in the website. Review shows that identification, codification & validation of data relating to lessees and licensee have been placed in system. Continue Reading »

It has been announced by Valima that its Mobile ID solution has been put to good use by the wireless operators Sonera and Elisa to jointly channelize their resources and roll out a mobile authentication and signature service. Apparently, it is for the first time that operators in Finland have joined hands to launch a nation-wide service to the public.

Sonera and Elisa subscribers will be empowered by the mobile authentication service to access internet banking, e-commerce and e-government applications in a secure environment; yet, they will be doing it from their mobile phones and then generate a legally binding electronic signature. Continue Reading »