Orissa Government initiates step to develop e-governance in Mining sector

In another development to e-governance in Mining sector, steps have been initiated to develop its software to a kind of Enterprise Resource Planning in this sector in to which all the different segments, licensees and lessees will be integrated. Steps are also on to integrate the system with treasury and railway portal. Within a short span of time the mining resources and present mining status of the state will be at finger tips.

The Chief Secretary Bijaya Kumar Patnaik while reviewing operation of e-governance in mining dept in the secretariat conference hall today has directed the mining dept to include mining map and resources of the state in the website. Review shows that identification, codification & validation of data relating to lessees and licensee have been placed in system. Management Information System , assessment of royalty, capacity building of licensees and lease holders for on line operation, online filing of report prescribed by Govt of India  have been commissioned. Dedicated Project Management Unit of Information Technology and facility at all locations have been started. The proposals for tracking of mineral transportation through Radio Frequency Identification Digit System (RFID), e-payment of royalty,  e- permit and pass application ,  network at mineral check gates at Joda , were discussed in the meeting and it was decided that theses facilities will be incorporated in the system in near future.

The Chief Secretary has advised the Department to make comparative analysis of the present system with the previous system and ascertain its efficacy. The Department has also been directed to initiate steps for necessary changes in the procedural rules to match with online operation system. Mining Secretary Monoj Ahuja, IT Secretary Pradeep Kumar Jena and Director of Mines Subhendu Kumar Das participated in discussions.



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