Operators come together to jointly launch mobile authentication and signature solution (Finland)

It has been announced by Valima that its Mobile ID solution has been put to good use by the wireless operators Sonera and Elisa to jointly channelize their resources and roll out a mobile authentication and signature service. Apparently, it is for the first time that operators in Finland have joined hands to launch a nation-wide service to the public.

Sonera and Elisa subscribers will be empowered by the mobile authentication service to access internet banking, e-commerce and e-government applications in a secure environment; yet, they will be doing it from their mobile phones and then generate a legally binding electronic signature.

In case of Mobiilivarmenne, all it takes is subscribers entering a PIN code so as to generate the digital signature; yet, their service access is secured. Conveniently so, the open and interoperable solution is easily installed on any SIM card; the client software included, back office servers and a number of security modules make it a central solution for both operators and service providers.

This solution is designed in such a way that it works with nearly any service or application that necessitates legally binding identity confirmation and approval. On the same vein, Valimo is also known to have built the Finnish FiCom 2.0 specification that actualizes the inclusion of personal data in the digital signature like social security number, home address, gender and age thereby opening up a plethora of new mobile services.



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