eGovernment Authority shares its experience with newly appointed directors in public sector

A group photo with the CEO of the eGovernment Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Qaed.As part of the induction program aiming at enhancing the managerial skills among the senior officials in the public sector, the eGovernment Authority received the third batch of the Senior Civil Service Diploma program, organized by the Bahrain Institution of Public Administration (BIPA).


The Chief Executive of Bahrain eGovernment Authority, Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Qaed, delivered a keynote to a group of 15 newly appointed senior directors from various ministries and governmental entities.

Mr. Al Qaed covered essential topics such as leadership, administrative skills and the role of leaders in improving the government processes and the employee performance.

During his speech, Mr. Al Qaed stressed on the vital role of the leaders and government officials in defining a vision for their respective organization marked with a clear and realistic objectives that are aligned with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, aiming to develop the government processes in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and providing better services to the citizens and residents.

Moreover, Mr. Al Qaed highlighted the eGovernment Authority’s experience and achievements since its establishment in 2007, in addition to the challenges faced throughout the implementation of an integrated eGovernment program on a national level and with the collaboration of the Kingdom’s ministries and government authorities.

He also outlined the success factors that contributed in implementing the national eGovernment strategy for the years 2007-2010. Mr. Al Qaed concluded his presentation with the future approaches and the upcoming projects that will be conducted in collaboration with different ministries and governmental entities.

The Senior Civil Service Diploma program focuses on the successful Bahraini leaders and aspires sharing experiences in the public sector in addition to enhancing collaboration among various public entities.


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