Cambodian Special forces trained by Kopassus

Cambodian Special forces trained by the Indonesia Kopassus.For Cambodian Soldiers is it a Honor to trained by the Kopassus , a huge thanks to Indonesia Åkhun!

The 911 Para-Commando Battalion is a Royal Cambodian Army special forces unit based west of Phnom Penh. Most of the battalion graduated from the Indonesian army’s special force, Kopassus, so the 911 is very similar to the Kopassus Battalion. In order to graduate from the school, all cadets have to pass the test set. On passing, cadets receive their own red beret and a badge wing. The Battalion has multiple units, including snipers, naval units, and an anti-terrorist division.

The Operation Base of the special forces airborne 911 unit (SF-911) is near the takethmey village, Kambol Commune, Angsnoul District, kandal Province. This Unit is under direct Command of High Command Headquarter of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. The SF-911 Have seven Branches with 14 Battalions under their control.

Following units is distributed in the Battalions:

Commando 1 to Commando 4 (Airborne Commando)

Commando 5 to Commando 9 (Attack Commando)

Commando 10 to Commando 12 (Support Commando)

Special Group 13 Close Protection

Counter terrorist 14 Group

Total staff 1750.

Counter terrorist 14 Group is Cambodians first specialized anti terrorist unit. And is SF-911 SWAT component. Counter terrorist 14 Group support law enforcement in anti terrorist operations

The SF regularly conduct trainings and joint exercises such as: * Special forces 6 course (commando Red Barret) * Airborne 11 Course (para) * Freefall 3 Course * Scuba 3 Course (Chhak Sea) * Terrorist Counter 3 Course (T.O) * Training has also been conducted in Indonesia under a special program at Batujajar. Batujajar military training center is located 22 kilometers from Bandung (West Java), where SF-soldiers have been trained in parachute jumping and Landing zone tactics.

CHHAB PEAKDEY is the Commanding officer for the SF-911.


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