Jakarta, Bandung need quake-proof buildings: Expert

a quake-proof system for : building.co.uk

Jakarta and Bandung need regulations to standardize earthquake-proof buildings to avoid massive casualties should major tremor take place, an expert says.

“We should prepare the buildings as soon as possible so that they would not collapse once earthquake hit the two cities,” said I Wayan Sangara, a member of the Bandung Institute of Technology team tasked to map Indonesia’s quake-prone regions.

Such a regulation was currently being discussed by the Public Works Ministry and National Standardization Agency, Wayan said Monday as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

Earlier, Presidential special staff Andi Arief said Jakarta and Bandung were prone to earthquakes measuring up to 8.7 on the Richter scale, whose epicenter could be in the Sunda Strait.


“But Bandung has a higher exposure to earthquakes than Jakarta,” he added.

Both Jakarta and Bandung have the potential to experience medium-level quakes.

Data shows that most major earthquakes in Indonesia hit the coastal regions of West Sumatra and South Java, while other regions, such as Borneo, Riau Islands province and Batam experience milder quakes.



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