Open Letter to the Islamic Ummah in Egypt

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Open Letter

To the Sincere Noblemen of the Islamic Ummah in Egypt
To the Free Officers of the Armed Forces in the Land of Islam

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Our Islamic Ummah is indeed a nation of generosity and sacrifice and her noble lineage drives her to unshackle herself from repression and injustice. However, she has been detached from her true identity for some time, distracted from the quintessence of her Islam and the resources of her lands have been plundered. She has been subjected to the cruellest forms of mortification, political deception and deprivation. The Islamic Ummah has been for some time aspiring to liberate herself on the basis of her Aqeedah. Even the Kafir West labelled the last quarter of the 20th century as the “Islamic Resurgence” to describe the swing in the viewpoint towards Islam among the Ummah from an Islam that represents the spiritual aspect towards “political Islam”, i.e. the Muslims’ viewpoint to the true Islam that encompasses the solutions to life’s affairs related to the State and society’s relationships. Hence, Islam’s accession to power and the implementation of Allah’s Shari’ah anew in the realm of life, the State and society have become a nightmare for America and the Kafir West.

The horrific fear of the Kafir West in general and America in particular from the Ummah’s liberation from their shackles has led their research institutes and think-tanks to engross themselves into devising the plans and styles to abort the prospective revival of the Ummah. Hence, it is imperative to perceive what America and the Kafir West are scheming against the Muslims in order to hinder the victory of Islam over other ideologies and creeds “to make it dominant over all Deens” [TMQ]. This will provide an understanding of the current events unfolding in Egypt at present, what has been occurring in Tunisia and what will happen in several countries of the Islamic world.

Dear Mindful and Intellectual Muslims in the Land of Islam!

For the sake of sincere perception and awareness of what is occurring, we will not be adding anything by saying that our rulers are but tools in the hands of America and the Kafir West, that their roles are determined by the interests of America, the leading superpower in the international situation, and that the objective America is endeavouring to achieve is to make this century exclusively her own which entails keeping the rest of the world, especially the Islamic lands, under her hegemony due to their strategic significance and mammoth riches. However, what America is dreading most is the threat of the power expected to appear on the world stage once the Muslims become revived on the basis of Islam. In order to elucidate the picture, it is imperative to lay bare some of the American policies and styles that have been targeting the Islamic region since the emergence of what the West refers to as the “Islamic Resurgence”. One of the most distinctive styles is the increasing of suppression in order to steer the Muslim youths towards fighting their brothers from among the security and armed forces instead of seeking their support and protection to deracinate the systems of Kufr in the Islamic lands. The most horrendous event was the fighting that broke out in Algeria between the children of the Ummah after the FIS had won the elections; the Kufr “Democratic” States found the election results unpalatable, thus they ignited strife between the children of the Ummah and approximately 250,000 people were killed and injured.

Another malicious style, adopted by the West to distort the image of Islam in the eyes the Ummah, is to concoct a number of ruling systems and attribute them to Islam such as the regime of the former Sudanese president Jaafar Nimeiri, whose despicable demeanour, treason, secularism and disassociation with Islam are well known to the Ummah. Besides, partial implementation of Islam is unacceptable and confining it within the borders of one single country without working towards merging the other countries to achieve the unity of the Ummah is wrong. The Kafir West adopted the style of linking Islam to barbarism by helping the Taliban to seize power in Afghanistan and unleashing the powerful and influential media to generate a warped portrayal of Islam and to associate it with barbarism and backwardness. The most devious style devised by America and the Kafir West is linking Islam to terrorism in order to use it as a pretext to meddle in the affairs of the Islamic lands. The Twin Towers event was the gateway that America had plotted and facilitated its execution that led the US president to announce in his first speech in the wake of the attack that he would pursue terrorism in more than sixty countries – the number of the Muslims’ countries – and this could take decades. The policy of fighting terror has had a number of detrimental consequences on the Muslims worldwide.

In the middle of the last decade, America proposed a new project for the Islamic region and dubbed it “The Greater Middle East Initiative” (GMEI), which covers the Islamic lands stretching from Central Asia in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. America prepared the ground for the GMEI by ordering the regimes to undertake a host of political reforms such as easing the restrictions imposed on political freedom, and cultural reforms which were more dangerous due to their impact on the thought of the Ummah and due to their effective implementation, such as the reforms introduced to the educational curricula, which were dripping with hatred and venom and stipulated removing or toning down the expressions of “Kufr” or “the enemy” or “Jihad” or “Al Wala’ Wal Bara”, which means “loyalty and disavowal”, or “al-Khilafah” and anything that corroborates or clarifies its meaning, under the pretext of promoting Islamic tolerance and avoiding any reference to terrorism. As for the legislative reforms also introduced, the most devious among them were those related to women’s and children’s rights, which in fact amounted to a fierce onslaught aimed at destroying and fragmenting the Muslim family. One of the most prominent aspects of this initiative was tightening the grip over the domestic and foreign security of the countries of the Islamic region. In addition to tying the armies of the region to her through armament, training and buying the loyalty of the senior officers, America had devised a comprehensive plan to keep the foreign security of the whole Islamic region in check by seeking assistance or even exploiting NATO forces. As for the domestic security, the initiative outlined the role of the US embassies in supervising the domestic security operations in the countries of the region under the pretext of helping them in the fight against terror and inter-state security cooperation. Another prominent aspect of the initiative was America’s endeavour to get rid of the tyrannical regimes and replace them with accepted ones. This is why she allowed the police states of the region to indulge in vile practices and turned a blind eye to the attempts made by the presidents of the region to bequeath power to their sons. She also paid no attention to the regimes’ oppression and marginalisation of their political opponents despite her calls for the reforms to get underway while at the same time, plotted to replace those oppressive rulers at the opportune moment once the personalities have been groomed and the alternative conditions have been prepared.

What is also facilitating America’s dominance is the fragmenting of the region in order to weaken it further and force it to fall into her lap. This is why the ethnic, sectarian and factional break-up of the region has been at the heart of the GMEI. Therefore, the aforementioned policies and styles among others indicate in a conspicuous manner what needs to be perceived and observed in order to discern the unfolding events, and to monitor the moves of the Kufr states and the objective they attempt to achieve in the lands of Islam.

Dear Righteous Muslims in Egypt!

The incident of Al-Bouazizi that triggered the events of Tunisia took everyone by surprise including America who had been planning to include Tunisia in the list of countries targeted by the reforms. However, the reforms were not due until the end of Ben Ali’s presidential term in 2014. Hence, America hastened to contain the situation by arranging the flight of Ben Ali and the handing over of the reins of power to his prime minister, whom she instructed to form a new government in an attempt to channel people’s efforts and sacrifices towards her interest. The most important legacy of the rebellion staged by the Ummah’s children in Tunisia is the demolition of the barrier of fear. It proved that the Ummah can stand up to the tyrants and remove them. However, America is determined to allow the seeds of the wrongdoers to freshly germinate, thus the Ummah must be vigilant and painstakingly attentive in order to remove
and uproot the remnants of Kufr and itscollaborators.

What has been occurring in Egypt since the end of January is a palpable knock-on effect of what occurred in Tunisia in terms of the change starting sooner than planned by America for Egypt. The difference, however, is that America was not surprised by the Egyptian rebellion since she had been aware of the deep resentment among the masses in Egypt, especially after they had witnessed the success of the people’s rebellion against the ruler of Tunisia and his flight from the country. This inflamed their desire to rebel against the regime of the tyrant Hosni Mubarak. It is imperative to perceive clearly that America’s puppets within the regime and the leaders of the opposition have been working towards containing the rebellion and the anger of the masses which have exceeded everyone’s expectations. It is therefore imperative to draw attention to the following facts to clarify the situation further:

First: The Islamic Ummah, especially her children in Egypt, is targeted by America and the Kafir West. A review of the region’s history would demonstrate that the Muslims of Egypt are firmly committed to their Islam and passionately prepared to defend its sanctities. The mightiest power – the Tatars – was destroyed thanks to the perseverance and steadfastness of the Mujahideen of Egypt. Hence, Egypt is specifically targeted because of her faculties and her tremendous strategic position in the Islamic region.

Second: Egypt represents the heart of the Middle East. It has the most significant influence on its issues. This is why it is vitally important to America, who deems it even more important than the existence of “Israel” itself, and this is why she is wavering and extremely cautious in arranging Egypt’s situation and transfer of power in line with her interests. The excessive concern and the constant meetings of senior US officials would give the impression that a momentous event is taking place inside America. The main issue for America is to keep Egypt in her grip.

Third: The importance of Egypt is far more important to America than safeguarding the chieftainship of Mubarak or any other ruler; they are the least of her concerns. In fact, when it comes to her interests, no collaborator is indispensable. Hence, America would not object to dumping them, even if this meant dragging them through the streets along with their followers.

Fourth: America aspires to meddle in Egypt’s affairs to maintain her dominion over it. Hence, it should come as no surprise to learn that she has planted an army of moles and infiltrators at every important gathering. She has even exhorted them to be in the vanguard. Even the opposition parties have not been spared from this meddling and not even the youths’ gatherings. The indictment of the activist, Israa Abdul Fattah, after she was expelled from the 6th April Movement because she and Bassem Fathi had attended the Independence Day celebration at the US embassy in Cairo, is but an example of this. As for Bassem Fathi, he joined al-Ghad party led by Ayman Nour after he had been expelled from the 6th April Movement because of his meeting with the US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, while on a visit to America. Subsequently, he was appointed upon recommendation as Youth Leader of the al-Ghad party on 14January 2011.

Fifth: what is robbing American policymakers of their sleep and what explains their great concern over the events in Egypt is their knowledge that any rebellion by the army or any sincere move by a group of noble officers that targets the ruling in the midst of these circumstances will land her in a deep crisis, not only in Egypt but throughout the whole region which would pose a major setback to her vital interests.

As for how the events will unfold in Egypt, Mubarak’s vice-president, Omar Suleiman, will likely assume the competencies of President of the republic temporarily, especially after the negotiations start, which America wants, between him and some opposition parties. This will pave the way for the other parties to agree to negotiate with the vice-president once their minimum demands have been met. Similar to what occurred in Tunisia, an interim government is expected to be formed with the task of preparing for the new regime. America will also absorb the anger of the masses by discarding Mubarak once the arrangements of the domestic situation are finalised. The departure of Mubarak will be portrayed as a major achievement to the masses to conceal what America has concocted with her tools such as Omar Suleiman, the senior army generals and some leading figures of the opposition movements.

America is effectively proceeding towards turning the presidential republican system into a parliamentary republican system akin to the political system in Turkey, especially as the opposition parties in Egypt and Tunisia had called for such a transformation and made it a part of their political agenda to occasion reform and achieve what they referred to as moving towards democracy. It is also quite likely that Egypt will be plunged into political chaos because demanding the formation of an interim government of national unity or a government of national salvation denotes lack of political stability in Egypt. This will throw Egypt into a state of disorder between the political parties. This is what Condoleezza Rice referred to as “creative chaos” which depends on the theory of destruction in order to build; and the objective of building from America’s perspective is to build affiliation and submission to her.

Dear Noble and Sincere Muslims of Egypt!

The salvation from the putrid system of Mubarak has dominated your emotions; and you are right in feeling this way but some elements exploited this to propagate that no slogans calling for the implementation of Islam should be raised, citing as a pretext the presence of different thoughts and religions reflected in the secularists and the leftists on the one hand and the Christians on the other. As for those who were duped by the secularists and the leftists, they wittingly or unwittingly complied with America’s demands and raised the secular slogans which call for democracy. They called for discarding religion from the establishment under the pretext of national unity, despite the fact that the so-called democracy was supposed to dictate to them to proceed with the inclinations of the majority of people, who if they were given the choice between the secular system and the Islamic system, they would choose the rule of Islam without a shade of doubt. As for the Christian Copts, if they reflected for a moment, they would realise that they had lived for centuries under the shade of Islam in peace and security according to the rules of Islam which gave them the same rights and duties as Muslims, and that the people of covenant are among those the Messenger of Allah (saw) ordered us to be benevolent towards and deemed he who harmed them as if he harmed him (saw): “He who hurts a Dhimmi hurts me.”

Dear Muslims in the Land of al-Kinana!

The Ummah today is at a dangerous crossroads. The tremendous strategic importance of Egypt and her position in the heart of the region put her under the spotlight and raised the Ummah’s expectations. The impact of the stance you will take will affect the Ummah for a long time. It will either prolong the years of affiliation, Allah forbid, to the Kufr represented by America who craves for a regime under her control with the consent of the masses after the era of police states, or the descendant of Salahuddin, Baibars and Qutuz will side with their Islam, which they have been known to cherish dearly, and rub America’s nose in the mud like they did before with the Tatars. We appeal to you to strike the hand of the saboteurs who work night and day to deceive you hard. We expect from you to demand the changing of the ruling system and not just the removal of Mubarak and his cronies, only to be replaced by a new president and a new set of collaborators.

There is no republican system or monarchy in your Islam, but rather an Imama and a Khilafah. Appointing an Imam or a Khalifah to rule by what Allah has revealed is the mother of all obligations; some scholars even called it the crown of obligations because it involves implementing the rules of the Deen, defending and strengthening the Muslims and protecting their dignity. There is no democracy in your Islam, the dazzling slogan with which the secularists and some of those who belong to the people of knowledge have deceived you. Democracy is defined as the rule of the people, by the people, i.e. people choose their ruler and choose their legislations by electing deputies to legislate the laws, whereas Islam decrees that the Ummah chooses her ruler but legislation is restricted to what Shari’ah has brought. The role of the people is confined to perceiving the Shari’ah rule from the texts. So how do we then raise a slogan and embrace a thought that confers legislation to people?

Dear Officers and Soldiers from the Armies of Followers of Tawheed in Egypt!

You are the honour of the Ummah and you are on the front line when it comes to sacrificing lives for the sake of the sublime objectives, the noblest of which is salvaging the Ummah. Hence, we are appealing to the principled and sincere from amongst you, who are the majority, to side with their Ummah and shoulder the following duties:

1- Seize power from the hands of America’s agents and purge the military institution from those suspected of
having any link to foreign powers.

2- Shut down the foreign embassies, especially the US, British, French and “Israeli” embassies, and the embassy
of any country that may have evil designs for the Islamic lands or may use the embassy to spy for America and the countries that scheme against the Muslims’ lands.

3- Apprehend all the politicians who collaborate with America and the states that harbour ill designs and place
them under stringent surveillance.

4- Free the media outlets to allow thoughts to be expressed and to enable the Islamic Da’awah carriers to present Islam in its entirety in a conspicuous and crystallised manner, especially in respect of Islam’s relationship with the state and societal relationships.

5- Organise a referendum for the Ummah’s children in Egypt to validate that their choice is based on their
conviction of the thought upon which they want to build their lives, so that it may become the foundation for their state and the systems of their life.

We in Hizb-ut-Tahrir fully realise that the Ummah’s choice is Islam and that she will choose the rule of Islam, not the rule of Jahiliya. We also inform you that Hizb-ut-Tahrir has drafted a comprehensive constitution with its incumbent motives. It is a pure Islamic constitution based exclusively on the Shari’ah texts and their denotations. So will you respond to the command of your Lord and carry his message to mankind in order to salvage it from the darknes of America and her Capitalism which has brought misery, to the radiance of Islam, so that Egypt and her soldiers may be the ones who turn it anew into a rightly-guided Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood? Or will you keep your souls tied to the choices and the decisions of the traitors, the agents and puppets of Kufr Allah forbid?

“O you who believe! Give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calls you to that which will give you life;and know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to Whom ye shall (all) be gathered.” TMQ[8-24]


4 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1432
7 February 2011

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